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Michael and Margaret Lynes host "The SOUL of the EVERYMAN" web radio show - Artist First Radio Network

Michael & Margaret
Your Hosts:
Michael & Margaret Lynes
web radio show - Artist First Radio
Mission Statement:

Life is a mysterious and terrible and wonderful journey…a trip that we are all on, like it or not. The best part about it are the people we meet along the way, our friends, our family, those we grow to love and who love us back.

Loss is part of everyone’s life, and no one gets off the planet alive. Join us as we talk about our shared journey and discover the soul of the everyman that binds us all together.


The SOUL of the EVERYMAN airs every Tuesday night at 10pm eastern - 7pm pacific. 
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@woodheat hashtag #SoulofEveryMan
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Plays at 7:30PM Tuesday and 1:30PM Sunday - every week!
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