Rave Reviews Writer's Conference and Book Expo!

It's Blog Blitz Day for our 2017 RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo!

We are only a month away from the big event so registration will end soon on Monday, October 9th.

2017 RRBC Writer’s Conference & Book Expo!! Let’s ensure that no one misses this amazing opportunity!!

Here are those helpful links again:

*General Info - https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/

*Registration Info - https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/registration-general-info/

*Registration Packages & Pricing - https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/registration-packages-pricing/

*Registration Page - https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/


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