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Living In Pages Blog reviews Destroyer's Blood!


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Great new Four Star review from "Living In Pages Blog" - Anushka Anand! - Review Below:

*Book provided by the author in exchange of an honest review* PLOT/STORYLINE Destroyer's world provides a new dimension to the world of Greek mythology where we see an action-packed adventure throughout the journey of Dev, the protagonist. This book gave me a lot of vibes similar to that of Percy Jackson, but the plot was unique, well built, and with lots of sword fighting between some kick-ass characters. There were a lot of varying elements like realism, magic as well some bits of languages like French and Latin. Samurai was also depicted withing this book. It was really refreshing to see such vivid and diverse elements present in a story. Usually, fantasy books are HUGE. And maybe that is the reason I stay at an arm's distance from them, but Destroyer's blood is of only 350 pages, with descriptions that actually matter. It was a quick read and some of the surprises or plot twists were mind-blowing. CHARACTERS / RELATIONSHIPS Before I talk about Dev and Betrayer (Yes, that's the name of a sword.) , there were other characters that I think were very well crafted. Like Adrestia and Hades. Some had me laughing and some had me on the edge of my seat, but I felt nothing but love towards tray and Dev. Betrayer is Dev's sword (my favorite tbh) and they can communicate through thoughts (Nevernight feels ahh) I loved the relationship between them and I loved how she was a constant support to Dev..and the ending in relevance to their relationship...IamsorrybutIcannotsay. The Character dimension of Hades was sort of different in this book compared to his character in others, which was quite intriguing. WRITING While I do agree that some of the passages and instances in the story were written brilliantly in such a way that it made the story more riveting and rich but the overall writing could have been better. There were a lot of descriptions and like action scenes which is fine and good But I personally prefer more dialogues. Another issue I had was that the chapters end at a certain point and the next chapter's scene takes place hours after the last one, and the author describes what has happened in those time lapses instead of showing it. OVERALL I really liked Destroyer's blood and I cannot wait for the next part. Fantasy is not exactly my cup of tea, so I don't read a lot of those but I don't at all regret delving into the exciting world of olympus, gods, and demi-gods. Destroyer's blood is a tale that sticks with you as you find yourself rooting for the end of evil in the book. a Must read for ALL.

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